Build leadership skills, get involved in causes you’re passionate about and make lasting connections.

Becoming an active member of the honors community is one of the best ways to form new friendships and broaden your impact. Consider joining one or more of the honors-exclusive clubs and organizations.

Honors Student Council

The mission of Honors Student Council is to create a community within the Honors College between the students and staff. The council is composed of dedicated honors students who want to share their vision of what the honors experience should be at the University of Arizona. This exclusive club is intended for people who are excited and enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to this experience. It accomplishes this goal through the following objectives:

  • be the collective voice of the honors students.
  • create programs of interest to honors students.
  • allocate funds in accordance with the desires of the honors students.
  • serve as a liaison between staff and students.
  • create a small community atmosphere.
  • community involvement.

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Honors College Ambassadors

The Honors College Ambassadors are committed to being an integral part of the recruitment and retention of Honors students. Ambassadors interact with prospective students by helping them discover a genuine perspective of the University of Arizona and have a positive experience along the way. In addition, Honors College Ambassadors create an inclusive and responsible community within the college through fun philanthropic and social event programming. 

Xtreme Discovery Teams

Xtreme Discovery Teams is a volunteer-based program that visits local middle schools and high schools to promote higher education. XDT members work with honors peers to create fun and interactive academic workshops based on college courses. These activities are often inspired by courses such as psychology, linguistics, physics, astronomy, business, and many more. XDT members and teams teach these workshops and end each presentation with a Q&A about the Honors College, the university and college life in general.

ASUA Clubs

Explore more than 600 student clubs and organizations available at the University of Arizona and formally recognized by the Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA). Don’t see a club that suits your interests? We encourage you to start your own.

Short Story & Tea

Stories to read before you’re 25. This short story club is designed to create dialog twice a month on Wednesdays at 3pm in the Patricia MacCorquodale Academic Lounge around a selected short story. No commitment to all the selected readings is required. Drop-in when you can to the one of your choice. Drinks and snacks are provided. View the entire schedule and dates of the short stories that will be read