Here are some of the questions we hear most often. If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please call us at 520-621-6901 or email honors@email.arizona.edu.

Please visit the Application Process page under the Admissions tab of our website.

You can view the Admissions Requirements under the Admissions tab of our website.

Yes. If you are a current UA student and you have at least three semesters remaining until graduation, a cumulative UA GPA of 3.5 or better, and have completed at least 12 credits at Arizona, you may nominate yourself for admission into the Honors College through the self-nomination process. To learn more, visit the Application Process page under the Admissions tab of our website.

There are a couple ways to determine Honors status. When you apply to Arizona, as long as you have also submitted an ACT or SAT score and checked the Honors-interest box and have completed the Honors essay in the application, you will be considered for Honors admission.

If there is no test score on your file, you will only be considered for regular admission to the university. If the Honors College is not mentioned in your decision letter from Arizona, that indicates one of three things: either we do not yet have a test score from you, you did not check the Honors-interest box and submit the Honors essay or you have been considered but not initially admitted to the Honors College.

One way to tell if we have a test score is whether your letter includes a Wildcat or Arizona Excellence Award—these awards also require an ACT or SAT, so if a student receives a Wildcat or Arizona Excellence Award, that indicates we do have a test score on file. Another way to check your status is to log onto the Next Steps Center, where you can sign up for housing and orientation; students who are admitted into the Honors College will see that information in the menu on the left of the screen.

Lastly, we will follow up with students who were not initially admitted via email one to two weeks after our decision.

No. Either test is perfectly acceptable. We have a system in place in order to compare ACT and SAT scores and determine which is higher.

We will consider the single test which represents your best overall score. In other words, we do not superscore. We will consider your best overall performance in one test sitting. If you submit both an SAT and an ACT score, we will use whichever one is higher. If you submit test scores later on that are lower than previously submitted scores, we will still only consider the highest score.

Not necessarily. Students who receive these awards might not qualify for Honors admission, which is a separate evaluation process.

To be considered a transfer student, you must have graduated high school or earned a GED, and completed 12 or more units of college credit by the time you apply to UA. Students who have completed fewer than 12 units or who have not yet finished high school at the time of application will apply as freshmen.

At the Honors College, we know that students who participate in international baccalaureate programs are especially well-prepared for the opportunities we offer. IB students have the ambition and passion that we recognize as necessary characteristics in Honors students. They are ready to seize research options, interaction with faculty and the benefits of a tight community.

For admission purposes, the Honors College considers the challenge of your high school transcript in addition to an unweighted GPA and ACT or SAT scores. This means that if you have a high number of IB courses, you could stand out as someone with a solid work ethic and a talent for learning.

The University of Arizona recognizes the challenge that goes into IB courses and awards credit based on each IB exam. Most exams are awarded credit if they are higher-level exams. A current chart with more details is available online.

Additionally, the university offers an IB Tuition Scholarship available to both Arizona and non-Arizona resident students who graduate high school with an IB Diploma and earn a minimum of 24 IB units.

The goal of Honors courses is to give students the chance to do hands-on, interactive work with faculty members and like-minded peers. Students who have excelled in Advanced Placement classes are ready to engage in this kind of study, as they already have the support of an education that has honed their skills in comprehension and analysis.

We know AP classes are challenging and we want to reward you for that effort. The Honors College considers the number of AP and other advanced courses on your transcript, as well as your unweighted GPA and an ACT or SAT score, when making an admissions decision.

Many of our students bring in college credit from their AP exams in order to maximize their hard work. A current chart explaining transfer credit from Advanced Placement exams is available online.

The Dean’s Distinction Award offered by the University of Arizona is an additional scholarship opportunity for Arizona resident students who challenged themselves with a rigorous curriculum in the 16 core courses.

To graduate with honors from the University of Arizona, you must be a member of the Honors College who has:

  • A cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher at the time of graduation.
  • Completion of honors courses.
  • Completion and submission of an honors thesis or capstone.

Is there an additional cost to be part of the Honors College?

The fee is $250 per semester or $500 per academic year. If the fee is a financial burden, you are eligible for a fee scholarship if you are a U.S. citizen and have completed the FAFSA. To learn more about your financial aid options, please visit the Cost and Aid page of our website.

In order to get the most out of the Honors College experience, Honors students are expected to live in the Honors Village for their first year, but it is possible to make exceptions. Please contact the Honors recruitment team for more information.

No. There is no Early Decision or Early Action at the University of Arizona.

The essay topics change every other year, but this is subject to change. Be sure to check back in the fall of your application year for the current essay topics.

Yes, we offer various visit opportunities to tour the Honors College. Please check out our Visit Us page for more information.

Please contact the Honors College at 520-621-6901 and we will help direct you to one of our Recruitment and Outreach staff.

It is recommended that you speak with someone about the Honors College. If you would like to opt out, please call the Honors College at 520-621-6901. Declining the Honors College will not affect your admission to the university.

Yes, we have students from almost every major from science to fine arts to engineering (and many students double major or pursue a dual degree). Honors can work with any major or combination of majors.

One recommendation is required for Honors consideration. The letter can come from a teacher, counselor or community member.

After you’ve been admitted, take the next steps toward becoming an Honors Wildcat by paying your enrollment fee, signing up for housing and registering for orientation in your Next Steps Center.