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Honors Contract Form for Fall 2020

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The Honors Contract form is now completely online. To learn about this new process, please view this “how-to” video.

How-To video for Honors Contract Form 

Student Guide

Need some guidance about how to ask an instructor to supervise an Honors Contract or what questions to ask when developing an Honors Contract? Check out this guide for help.

Student Guide for Honors Contracts


Honors Contracts allow students to make individualized arrangements with instructors in order to earn Honors credit in non-honors courses. Contracts are intended to provide students with a more engaging experience that allows them to work closely with the instructor and explore course material in a personally meaningful way. The development of an Honors Contract should be a collaborative effort between the student and instructor, but all contract proposals must be submitted to the Honors College for review and approval. Restrictions on the types of courses that can be contracted, instructors who are eligible to supervise Honors Contracts, and the total number of units that can be completed via Honors Contract may impact your ability to contract a particular course. Refer to our detailed Honors Contract Policies and review the information below before approaching an instructor about contract options.

Contract Due Dates

Honors Contract due dates are dependent on the length of the class. All information, including your professor’s approval, is due by the appropriate submission deadline. Since all information is due by the submission deadline it is advised that students do not wait to start on their Honors Contract until the last minute.

Honors Contract Submission Deadlines for Fall 2020:

Full Semester Friday, September 18th
Seven Week – First Friday, September 11th
Seven Week – Second Friday, October 30th

Have questions about Honor Contracts? Email the Honors College at: HNRS-ContractHelp@email.arizona.edu.

Honors Contract Proposal Instructions 

Instructions on how to create an Honors Contract. 

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Honors Contract Policies  

Review the Honors Contract Policies before creating your Honors Contract. 

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Guidelines for the Substance of the Honors Contract 

What should the content of your Honors Contract look like? 

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FAQs about the Honors Contracts  

Get answers to the questions asked most about Honors Contracts. 

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Courses Not Eligible to Contract 

Learn which courses are NOT eligible for an Honors Contract.

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Sample Honors Contracts 

See examples of past Honors Contracts. 

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