Jan. 15, 2020

Second-year Honors students Maya John and Dylan Angle pictured above. 

Welcome back, and while you were eating/playing/resting/working/traveling, the Honors College faculty and staff were on the case, including bringing home these five initiatives:

1) SPRING COURSES ARE EVEN MORE POWERFUL as your faculty members continue to build, tune, and enhance this spring's course offerings.

2) INTERNSHIPS & SCHOLARSHIPS ARE MULTIPLYING and growing as the Honors College staff makes even more connections in Arizona and well beyond.

3) GRANTS MEAN MORE AND BETTER academic and student engagement programs are ahead, some as early as this spring, because the Honors College itself continues to receive enhanced funding.

4) HONORS ALTERNATIVE SPRING BREAK ELEVATES US ALL with the learnings each team will be bringing back to the College.

5) FEEL GOOD FRIDAYS ARE ABOUT TO KICK OFF AGAIN, making learning and serving locally a joy, with hard work by faculty and staff to make it extremely convenient. Door-to-door shuttle, anyone?

Watch the Honors Weekly for what you need to get FUNDING, LEARNING, CONNECTING, DISCOVERING, and SERVING started in two minutes or less every Wednesday.