Prior to beginning your thesis/capstone, you must submit the Honors Thesis/Capstone Prospectus form to the Honors College.

The purpose of the Honors Thesis/capstone Prospectus is to encourage you to begin thinking about the thesis/capstone in a timely manner and to ensure that you have secured the support of a faculty thesis/capstone advisor. It is an opportunity for you and your faculty advisor to put your shared expectations, research plan and desired outcomes in writing.

The Honors Thesis/capstone Prospectus is required in order to graduate with Honors. If you are intending to write a thesis but did not submit a prospectus prior to starting your work, please contact Kevin Miloshoff at in order to discuss your next steps. 

Honors Thesis/Capstone Prospectus Form

If you have a topic selected and a faculty advisor assigned, the next step is to complete the Honors Thesis/Capstone Prospectus Form.