The Honors Trip

The Honors Trip is an unforgettable experience to go abroad while earning General Education credits.

Whether you decide to spend your summer in Southeast Asia, Greece or Italy, you will earn six units of Honors General Education credit for the academic year. You will explore the unique arts and culture of each city by visiting renowned museums, attending performances and sampling the regional foods of each locale. Uncover the sights, sounds and literary soul of a new city and country alongside other honors students and honors professors in a safe and structured program.

The Honors College also offers an Honors Trip Scholarship. The scholarship ranges from $400-1,500 based on financial need and is only available to students who are accepted on the trip.

“After the Honors Trip to Rome, Madrid and London, I know I will never forget the awestruck feeling of walking through antiquity and immersing myself in Roman culture. If I could, I would return to Europe in an instant.”

Katrina Lynne, History and Anthropology