Honors First Year Trip

The Honors Trip is an unforgettable experience to go abroad while earning General Education credits.

Spend Summer 2021 traveling in Paris and Berlin while earning six units of Honors General Education credit for the academic year. You will explore the unique arts and culture of each city by visiting renowned museums, attending performances and sampling the regional foods of each locale. Uncover the sights, sounds and literary soul of a new city and country alongside other honors students and honors professors in a structured program.

The Honors College also offers an Honors Trip Scholarship. The scholarship ranges from $400-1,500 based on financial need and is only available to students who are accepted on the trip.

You will explore the unique arts and culture of each city by visiting renowned museums, attending performances, and sampling the regional foods of each locale. Uncover the sights, sounds, and literary soul of a new city and country alongside other Honors students and UA Honors professors in a structured program.

All students will earn 6 units of general education credit by participating in this program in the following:

HNRS 160D: Honors Quest (3 units), Tier I TRAD

HNRS 208: Advanced Critical Thinking and Writing for Honors Students (3 units), Tier II Humanities

*These do not qualify for the diversity credit.

For more information, please contact Aviva Doery at avivadoery@arizona.edu.

Paris, France & Berlin, Germany
Trip A: June 7-July 8

Led: Dr. Bryan Carter

During this trip, students will be introduced to two amazingly diverse cities in Western Europe, Paris and Berlin. During the Summer of 2018, students traveled with me to Paris and Berlin and experienced a number of cultural and traditional excursions. In both cities, students will digitally document the experience using a variety of technologies. Students will use 360-degree cameras to create digital stories of their experience and in some cases, broadcast “live” from location using 360 technologies. The combination of cultural immersion, digital storytelling, and location-based augmentation makes this trip not only unique but also one that will raise awareness of the field of Digital Humanities.

While in Berlin, students visit castles, concentration camps, memorials, alternative Berlin, art walks and jazz clubs. Paris will also expose students to both traditional French culture as well as that which most tourists never see while in the City of Light, to include walking tours of the Left Bank, African American Paris, immigrant communities and ethnic restaurants.

The deadline to apply for this program has passed. Please check in here for future information about the Honors First-Year Trip in summer 2022.


After the Honors Trip to Rome, Madrid and London, I know I will never forget the awestruck feeling of walking through antiquity and immersing myself in Roman culture. If I could, I would return to Europe in an instant.

Katrina Lynne, History and Anthropology