Tom Wilson

Associate Professor

Member of the General Faculty

Associate Professor, Honors Interdisciplinary Faculty

Associate Professor of Practice

Tom Wilson is an Associate Professor at the Honors College in The University of Arizona, and has been a faculty member of the University for over 15 years. After getting an undergraduate degree in Biology from Reed College he worked at various jobs including a position as a horticulturist at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. In 2001 he received his Ph.D. in Soil and Water Science from The University of Arizona and shortly afterwards accepted a Lecturer position in the Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science. As a member of the interdisciplinary faculty of the Honors College he serves on the Curriculum Committee, chairs the Assessment Committee, and represents the College in the UA Undergraduate Council. He teaches four Honors classes, including HNRS 170A1 Human Reproduction and the Environment and HNRS 202H Introduction to Conservation Biology. He is a Bart Cardon Teaching Academy Fellow in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and has a joint appointment with the Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science. Outside of the fall and spring semesters he co-teaches a summer class in Namibia, another in Australia, and a winter class in Ecuador, all through the UA Office of Global Initiatives. He has received the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Faculty Teaching Award, the Provost’s General Education Teaching Award, was a finalist for the UA Five Star Faculty Award, and in 2016 received the UA Excellence in Academic Advising Faculty Advisor Award.