The Honors College on Systemic Racism

July 10, 2020

Honors Students,

Now is the time for justice and healing. The Honors College is committed to doing the work.
To dismantle systems that perpetuate racism, discrimination, and oppression, we must acknowledge their existence and take steps to eliminate them. Much of this begins with awareness and education. We commit to taking the first of many steps to create an anti-racist community through self-reflection, readings, challenging discussions, trainings and workshops. The Honors College leadership, faculty, and staff commit to doing the critical work to raise our consciousness to better support our students and community.
We are developing actionable plans with intention to lift up our community, rather than do harm. We will be thoughtful and continue to evaluate our progress.
We are Honors. Strong. Together.

On behalf of the Honors College staff and faculty
In solidarity,
Dr. Terry Hunt, Dean
Dr. John Pollard, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Curricular Innovation
Dr. Karna Walter, Assistant Dean for Student Engagement
Dr. Cheree Meeks, Assistant Dean for Programs, Diversity & Inclusion