Dec. 18, 2019


Arielle Devorah, the Honors College December Student of the Month, takes storytelling about civil resistance seriously.


Name: Arielle Devorah

Major(s): Creative Writing and Law

Year in school: Senior

Hometown: Tucson, Arizona


Mortar Board Senior Honor Society, Persona Literary Magazine, KAMP Radio, Arizona Journal of Environmental Law & Policy, UA Hillel, Mishelanu (Israeli-American student group), Model UN

Leisure Pursuits: Well, for me school is pretty fun (not to mention time-consuming). If I have a day to myself, I usually spend it writing or reading, with my family, watching lots of Jeopardy!, shopping for fashionable bargains, or making exorbitant amounts of Spotify playlists. I also like to take advantage of Scott’s Cheap Flights to travel around the world in an affordable way.

Research Projects: I am working on a creative research project with Dr. Jessica Braithwaite, whose research focuses on the dynamics of civil war and nonviolent resistance. Last semester, we discussed how little creative literature there is on women in resistance, and decided to try and change that this semester as we combined our love of reading and storytelling to present true, impactful narratives. With Dr. Braithwaite’s specialization in civil resistance and my creative writing background, we’re finding new ways to showcase women who made viable contributions to civil conflicts around the world, whether promoting avenues for peace or fighting for their beliefs.

Plans after graduation:  I’ve been offered an internship abroad, which means moving to Europe in the weeks following Commencement. In the near future, I hope to earn my JD and work in international law. I’d also like to keep pursuing my passion for writing. I’ll likely mesh my two interests by working in public affairs communications (writing op-eds, press releases, speeches, etc.) in the foreign policy or domestic politics spheres.  


What is something you have done during your time at UA of which you are especially proud?

Two things come to mind:

First, my internship on Capitol Hill this past summer was invaluable. And I’m so glad I was granted the opportunity to serve my home district. I weirdly remember that I got chills the first time I fielded a constituent call. In that moment, I knew that I would be anchored to public service for a long time. My time in D.C. allowed me to see and participate in the inner workings of politics firsthand as I was able to do important work such as aiding the Congresswoman in writing an Op-Ed for a local paper.

Second, my role planning the educational aspects of Arizona Model UN’s annual high school conference, “AZMUN” (the same conference in which I participated every year of high school) was a full-circle occasion for me. Actively contributing to the biggest binational, bilingual conference in the nation is something not many people have done. And the conference is a pretty awesome feat for the University of Arizona!

What message do you have for other Honors students on finding their own success?

None of my experiences were simply handed to me, but I chased them relentlessly and strategically. I grew to be unafraid to ask and work hard for them: The most important contributor to “success,” however you define it, is being persistent.  I earned many of my opportunities by staying in contact, being (tactfully) “annoying,” and being bold. 


"In addition to being an outstanding student worker at the Honors College front desk, she is invaluable to the Honors College as a student Ambassador […] I meet with all of the Honors Seniors as I sign off on their degree audit worksheets and I can attest that Arielle is a gem, both professionally and personally, and fully deserving of this recognition.” – Karen Weaver, Honors College Academic Advisor II 


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