Nov. 13, 2019


Honors College senior Joanna Jandali already is contributing to better systems and outcomes in the U.S. government. A dual major in Political Science and Law with a minor in Arabic, Joanna’s looking ahead to law school and well beyond. While Tucson is home, the bigger world has already captured this student’s attention.



Name: Joanna Jandali

Major(s): Political Science and Law with a minor in Arabic

Year in school: Senior

Hometown: Tucson


Student Governance Board for the School of Government and Public Policy

Henry Clay Center for Statesmanship Fellow

Former Mock Trial Competitor

HW: Leisure Pursuits?: 
JJ: I love to go thrift shopping! It allows me to express my creative side, plus it’s been a great way for me to lead a more “eco-friendly” lifestyle.

HW: Research Projects: 
JJ: As an SGPP research fellow, I have been assisting one of my professors for the past year on projects focused on armed conflict management and transitional justice practices. We have been examining current events transpiring in the Middle East, specifically the ongoing civil war in Syria and post-war Lebanon. I’ve also been doing research for my Honors thesis which centers on Cambodian transitional justice. I am examining how international prosecution following the Khmer Rouge genocide in the 1970s has failed to deliver justice to victims across the country. I am particularly excited about this research because I am adding a feminist lens to part of my work by looking at how gender inequities are perpetuated by current practices of transitional justice.

HW: Plans after graduation:  
JJ: I hope to attend law school and then get my PhD. My dream is to end up as a professor, where I can teach students the topics I am passionate about, continue my research, and pursue advocacy through my work.



HW: What is something you have done during your time at UA of which you are especially proud?

JJ: This past spring, I interned at the Arizona Supreme Court during the Arizona Legislative Session. During my time at the Capitol, I was able to help lobby a juvenile justice reform bill. The bill, HB 2055, makes it easier for former juvenile offenders to have their records set aside, enabling thousands across the state to seek housing and job opportunities. This bill ended up being one of only three criminal justice bills passed this year in the state of Arizona!

HW: How would you encourage other Honor students to find their own path to success?

JJ: Stay proactive. Don’t wait for a good opportunity to land in your lap. If you see something you want, go and get it. And if you don’t see something you want, go try a new experience. You never know: You might just wander onto a path that opens the right door to your future pursuits.



 “Joanna is naturally gifted, highly motivated and extremely dedicated. As a result, I approached her about the SGPP Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Joanna did an amazing job and, given, her attention to detail and ability to go above and beyond each research task, I approached her to work on a paper together: Today we learned our paper has been accepted for publication."

Faten Ghosn, Associate Professor, School of Govt & Public Policy



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