Powerful Perspectives: Honors College NAACP Scholarship Winner Goes On Record

Jan. 16, 2019


Photo of Pearl Craig with Maxine Waters
From left to right: Pearl Craig, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Precious Craig.

Pearl Craig’s essay recently helped her win a regional NAACP scholarship. But this Honors College student’s insights extend well beyond the application process and subsequent award. WEEKLY recently went looking for Craig’s comments as she pursues a Nutritional Sciences degree from the University of Arizona. And beyond.

What thoughts are attached to winning the NAACP award?

Considering that the prompt for the NAACP scholarship was about the importance of voting, and the organization itself stands for the forward progression of African Americans, I can’t help but think about how those two ideas are interconnected. I immediately thought about how far African Americans have come since we were initially granted the right to vote. Then I thought about the years that elapsed afterward where efforts were made to infringe on that right. I think winning the NAACP award, and the fact that the award exists, is an embodiment of the persevering spirit of African Americans, given our history in this country. 

What about the Honors College is helping you develop your identity and direction?

The Honors College heavily emphasizes the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to education that prepares students to be well versed in subjects relating to the humanities, arts, and physical sciences. As an aspiring health professional, I recognize that I am expected to have prior working knowledge of the societal factors that contribute to an individual’s health status aside from the actual “science” behind their condition. The Honors College has allowed me to supplement and grow a deeper understanding of a multidisciplinary approach that is not only necessary from an academic or career standpoint, but also in my general appreciation of the world around me.

How would you describe your sense of passion and purpose going forward?

Presently, my main passion and purpose moving forward is to finish up my degree in Nutritional Sciences and then apply to pharmacy school. I am also passionate about the topics that I discussed earlier, those that are the embodiment of the values of the NAACP. They include being an advocate for those who do not have the voice to speak up for themselves. As well as understanding the factors that make the experiences of individuals and groups of people unique from one another. I hope to be able to use that passion to my advantage as I grow in my understanding of ways to combat health disparities as an aspiring pharmacist.