Advanced Honors Trip

Honors College Advanced Honors Trip Summer 2021: 
Rome, Italy and Paris, France

Five Week-First: June 7th- July 8th, 2021

Through Napoleon’s lens we will experience the court of Augustus and the art and material remains of imperial Rome. Points of interest in Rome include sites from all ages of the Roman Empire: classical monuments including the Forum and Colosseum; Christian churches and Catacombs; Medieval towers and palaces of noble families; Renaissance art, particularly the Vatican collection; Baroque art, particularly the Borghese Gallery; and the Neoclassical urban design of Mussolini and the Fascist regime. In addition to the study of the Roman empire from Forum to Fascism, students will also visit in Rome the wonderful Museum of Napoleon Museo Napoleonico in Rome, a collection of the First and Second Empires, including personal possessions and works of art/objects connected to the Bonapartes; and Museum of Rome at Palazzo Braschi and in Trastevere, where the permanent collections focus on Roman life in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the so-called Napoleonic Era. The collection includes paintings, prints, drawings and watercolors, including the series on Roma sparita ("vanished Rome") by Ettore Roesler Franz (1845–1907), and life-size representations of day-to-day life, known as "Roman Scenes."

Faculty Lead: Dr. Cynthia White:  

Since I first began my career as a Professor of Classics, I have lived in Rome, studied there, and led groups of travelers to its famous splendors. The UA summer “Honors City as Text” courses are among the most wonderful I have ever taught, because students move between desktop and street life to become architects of their own learning. When I meet students from previous summers, they always tell me about the friendships they made on the trip and the confidence they gained in their own ability to negotiate transportation, language, and the unexpected international settings. Most important, perhaps, they tell me that their summer Honors experience gave them a perspective on their own lives and career plans. As we stand in the ruins of Rome and experience the rise and fall of empires and millennia against the delightful dolce vita of the modern city, I hope that Rome will shed its golden dust upon you, too, and that the experience will change you in all the best ways.

Apply here after May 1, 2020.

More information will be available August 2020.

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Honors College Advanced Honors Trip Summer 2021: 
Tahiti (French Polynesia) and New Zealand

Five Week-Second: July 12th to August 11th

In this Honors College, Advanced Honors Trip students travel over three weeks to the legendary South Pacific islands of Tahiti and Mo`orea, in French Polynesia, and continue on to the islands of New Zealand. Departing the U.S., students fly to Pape`ete the bustling capital of French Polynesia. In our first week, we explore the islands of Tahiti and Mo`orea, visiting museums of culture and art (Paul Gaugin), archaeological sites, and the stunning landscapes, beaches, and reefs. The course focuses on the natural and human island histories, including Polynesian migrations and colonization, environmental impacts, ancient Polynesian lifeways, and modern issues of economics, politics, and sustainability.  Students will have the opportunity to speak French (but not required), and English is widely spoken.

In the second two weeks of the course, we travel to New Zealand. Beginning in the country’s major city, Auckland, we visit archaeological sites, museums, and the living native cultural sites of Maori marae. From Auckland we travel throughout the country, including Rotorua, Taupo, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown, and into the Southern Alps and fjords of South Island’s west coast. We will visit museums, cultural and archaeological sites, and natural wonders including lakes, volcanos, and geysers. Students will explore the cities as well as the remarkable natural and rural environments of New Zealand. Continuing our course themes, we examine questions of island extinctions, ancient and modern ecology, and sustainability in New Zealand. 

Dean Hunt leads this trip.  He is a world expert in Polynesian archaeology, history, and island biogeography and ecology.  He has decades of experience in the region and lived in New Zealand for three years doing graduate work (MA degree, University of Auckland). Dean Hunt draws on his experience as well as many colleagues in the region helping to enhance many aspects of the course.

Applications will open August 2020

Deadline: February 25th, 2021

Who can apply? Students in their mid-career, sophomore +

Credits: 6 Honors credits

Costs: Under $8,800 + Flights

Scholarships: Available up to $1500 to offset costs

Apply here after May 1, 2020.

More information will be available August 2020.

For more information, please contact Aviva Doery at