Spirit of Inquiry

The Honors College provides grants to help you pursue research projects of your own design under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

Research can be done in any field, from science to humanities to engineering to fine arts. Students who anticipate needing extra time and support to collect data or do the work involved in their Honors Thesis/Capstone are eligible to apply. 

Grants are awarded up to a maximum of $1,500. A committee comprised of students, faculty and community members select the award-winning proposals. All Spirit of Inquiry Research Grant recipients present their work in the spring semester following their award. All University of Arizona honors students are eligible to apply.


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Life-Cycle Assessment of Tomato Soup

Ari Auerbach, Chemical Engineering, Junior; Cali Squire, Chemical Engineering, Senior; Matthew Fry, Chemical Engineering, Senior; Solomon Figueroa, Chemical Engineering, Senior


Not Your Average Cup of Joe: Producing Biodiesel from Recycled Coffee Grounds

Alexandra Downs, Biosystems Engineering, Junior


Kathy Acker and NYC Punk: How Experimentation Redefined Feminism

Rachel Goldschmid, English Literature, Senior


Automated Image Comparison Using Machine Learning Techniques

Travis Sawyer, Optical Sciences and Engineering, Junior


Examining the Biocompatibility of New Nanostructured Heart Patches

Nicolas Schott, Biomedical Engineering, Junior